Rates/Getting Your Material Ready

The rates listed below are a rough guide only and are subject to change based on how your project is quoted. 

Projects containing very long/short tracks will be quoted assuming the average length of a track is 4 minutes.

Digital/Vinyl Mastering 

1- 3 Tracks – £28 Per track 

4-6 Tracks – £26 Per track

7-9 – Tracks – £24 Per track

10 + Tracks – £22 Per track

Vinyl Release Re-Mastering

Have you had success with a digital release and want to plan a vinyl release? YOUR EXISTING DIGITAL MASTERS MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR VINYL!

Releasing a vinyl version of your album is more complicated than simply sending over your digital masters to a vinyl production company. Due to the physical nature of the beloved format there are limitations to what audio can be pressed onto it. 

If a track is too bass heavy, too loud, has phase issues, or has very wide stereo width, pressing it onto vinyl can either ruin the sound of the finished record, or in extreme circumstances can even cause damage the vinyl player! 

broken vinyl.jpg

To ensure your vinyl release goes smoothly get your digital masters re-mastered for vinyl.

1-3 Tracks – £22 Per track

4-6 Tracks – £20 Per track

7- 9 Tracks – £18 Per track

10+ Tracks – £15 Per track


10% Discount for unsigned artists (minimum 3 songs).

10% Discount for solo artists/projects



Turnaround time to be discussed after a quote for the project is made. There may be a small additional charge if the project requires completion at short notice.

All clients will receive an invoice payable via a bank transfer or Paypal. Clients are allowed 2 revisions at no extra cost.

Preparing Your Audio/Getting A Quote

Some steps must be taken when preparing a track to be mastered; this ensures the process is carried out as effectively as possible.

If you have any doubts about the steps listed below, discuss this with your mixing engineer or feel free to contact us with any queries.

To improve the quality of our master, we ask that you follow the steps below.

  • Remove any compressors or limiters that may be in use on the master channel of your mixes.
  • Send your track in WAV or AIFF format, bounced at the same sample rate they were recorded in (to avoid any reduction in quality caused by the conversion). A Standard recommended sample rate is 48 khz.
  • Provide ample headroom in your mixes (peaking at about -2.0 db). Do not worry about the possible quieter volume larger headrooms will result in, achieving a loud and powerful finished product is our job!
  • Ensure that the mixes are not clipping (clipping is permanent and cannot be removed during the mastering process!).
  • When sending over your material, please attach information on the track names and their desired order.

Once the above steps have been taken into account, contact rightsoundmastering@gmail.com for a quote tailored for your project, and further information on sending your mixes over to us.