Right Sound Mastering offers a high quality and competitively priced mastering service. Our pricing system is tailored to suit any client’s needs and offers extra value for unsigned artists.

Separate from the mixing stage, mastering is a crucial part of audio post-production. The process can give your musical material the clarity and volume required to contend with mainstream musical artists and groups.

We also provide post-production for voice recordings or audio books, ensuring they are in line with ACX standards.

Mastering will often erase minor issues in a recording, reduce any annoying hisses or hums present in a mix, widen and add ambience to a recording, ensure smooth playback on different systems and add significant power and volume to musical material with the use of dynamic range compression. The process also even outs a number of tracks into one finished product.

Whether you require a rich and warm sound for home listening or a hard-hitting sound suitable for the dance floor, mastering is an essential end process to your production.

See the ‘samples’ section for examples of the beneficial effect on musical material mastering can have. Preparing your musical material to be mastered is easy and satisfaction with your finished product is guaranteed.

Why should you get your material mastered? Look at below for an example of the power mastering can bring to your mix (track is “Forever Gone’ provided by ‘Claustra’ https://www.facebook.com/ClaustraBand/)