Right Sound Mastering was formed in 2015 by Jacob Ware with the aim of providing a professional and affordable mastering service.

Jacob Ware is a mastering engineer, audio engineer and musician from Brighton.

My interest in music began at an early age as many members of my family played musical instruments. I began recording my own music at the age of 14 using very basic equipment. I studied music technology at university, achieving a first class degree in the subject. I have been mastering material for clients since 2014 and have had projects that have gone on to be successful musical releases. I also can provide general mixing, audio editing and audio-book editing having had paid work in these fields.

Personal Discography

I have a chronic inability to decide what genre of music I want to focus on making, I have multiple projects ranging from Death Metal to Ambient Music.

Rapt (All Instruments/Composition)



  • Rapt (LP 2018)
  • Within Thrall (EP 2019)

Enslavement (Bass/Composition) 


  • Born Into Servitude (E.P 2015)
  • Pslams Of Celestial Decay (E.P 2015
  • Tba – (Full Length)

Pslams (All instruments/composition)


  • Via Ad Lucem (E.P 2015)
  • Ode (Single 2015)

Inchoate (All Instruments/Composition)


  • If It Were Quiet (LP 2016)